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Data: 30 Ott 2018

READING MOVIES - The race for space

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"Reading movies" is a series of thematic meetings that combines film and literature.

Every appointment will see the projection of a movie in English with the proposal of library books that deal with the same topic.

The idea behind the project is to expand the positive experience of English Reading Club, the conversation and reading group of our library, and add sounds and visions to the printed paper, mix literature with cinema.

Reading movies gives  English users the chance to discover exciting films and, simultaneously, giving the Italian users the opportunity to learn and practice their English, without precluding future projections of movies in other languages.

Before the screening, a librarian will speak briefly about the movie and will offer a selection of library books that deal with the same topic.


The theme is: the race for space.

To receive more information about Reading Movies and the movies that will be screened, you can subscribe to our newsletter by writing to: bibliotecainternazionale@comune.parma.it


Tuesday 30th October 2018, 5.30 P.M., Biblioteca Internazionale Ilaria Alpi, vicolo delle asse 5, Parma.

Biblioteca Internazionale Ilaria Alpi - Vicolo delle Asse 5, 43121 Parma, Italy