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Data: 14 Dic 2015

Moms Club of the International Library - December 2015

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moms december 2015


MOMS' CLUB is back and is proud to present the reading of a funny book followed by a "crafty" time for the kids!!!

New readers are always welcome: bring along your book and read us your favorite story!

The event is reserved for an audience aged 0 to 6.


Ilaria Alpi International Library  presents “The Moms Club: an English speaking group for mommy and me”.

Created within the Biblioteca Internazionale, the main activity will be to read children's stories in English. We'll also have the opportunity to get to know each other through other activities.

The club is organized to create a network and to give information that is helpful for English speaking moms that are raising children in Parma.

The club is also intended to give Expat Mothers information needed for raising their children while living in beautiful Parma, Italy.

Members of the group can socialize with other moms and share similar experiences.


Monday December 14th, 5.00 P.M., Biblioteca Internazionale Ilaria Alpi, Vicolo delle Asse 5

Biblioteca Internazionale Ilaria Alpi - Vicolo delle Asse 5, 43121 Parma, Italy